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Drive time radio program will offer answers to listeners' Social Security questions, says AMAC
The Association of Mature American Citizens' AMAC Foundation will offer answers to questions about Social Security on a new program to be aired on WFAX AM and FM in Falls Church, VA. The daily half-hour show will also be available on WFAX's streaming service on its Web site.

The projected launch date for the show, Senior Talk: Q&A About Social Security, is Monday, March 4, 2019.

WFAX is a well-established Christian talk radio station, with a 70-year broadcasting history and a reach extending to millions of residents in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland. And, via the Internet, the station's programming reaches the entire nation.

"The ability to reach a national audience online and a local audience in the Washington metro area gives us a great opportunity to share information about Social Security," Foundation president Dan Weber commented. "This will really enable us to help more seniors by providing critical guidance at a time when they need it most."

Weber noted that the Foundation's highly acclaimed Social Security Advisory Service handles an average of 300 requests for assistance each month. "The Service will now be made available directly millions of listeners in America's seventh largest radio market," Weber added.

Gerry Hafer, the AMAC Foundation's Executive Director, explained that the broadcast will originate from the Foundation's Lady Lake, FL office, with remote staff members joining the daily broadcast regularly. "Our intent will be to handle specific questions from the public, but also to package the broadcasts with educational information about Social Security and its intricate rules and regulations."

Hafer said that the recorded daily broadcasts will be archived and eventually made available for on-demand access through the Foundation's main website.

"Mr. Baseball", Bob Uecker - Major League Baseball (MLB) player and current sportscaster, comedian, and actor.

"On TV the people can see it. On radio you’ve got to create it."
February Seminar Line-up Focuses on Key Health-Related Issues
On Thursday February 7, we'll again be partnering with Vitas Healthcare to address the topic of age-related diseases. Maria Cofrancesco, Nurse Practitioner with Vitas Healthcare, will lead a discussion focused on the signs and symptoms of illnesses and conditions that occur more frequently in people as they get older. In addition to a review of treatment options available for these maladies, Ms. Cofrancesco will share thoughts on how caregivers can assist when dealing with age-related illnesses. To learn more about this seminar visit our website's Events page, and to register contact the Foundation office at 888-750-2622.

"The ABCs of Dementia" take center stage in our seminar series on Thursday 21, when Debbie Selsavage and Ed Youngblood of Coping with Dementia LLC join us for a lively discussion on the stressful and largely misunderstood aspects of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. In addition to specific topics about Alzheimer's Disease and dementia, the session will address clinical study approaches underway in the healthcare industry to better understand and cope with what has become a leading cause of death in America's senior population. Visit our events page to learn more about this seminar, and contact the Foundation office 888-750-2622) to register.

Foundation Scheduled to Participate in Orlando PRIME Expo 2019
Representatives of AMAC, Inc. and the AMAC Foundation are scheduled to participate the Orlando Sentinel Media Group's PRIME Expo 2019, a free one-day event featuring interactive exhibitors, live entertainment. The full-day Expo will be held Saturday, February 23, at the Orange County Convention Center, and will feature expert speakers focusing on the latest topics in health and wellness, financial planning, travel, relationships and much more. The Foundation had a presence at last year's edition of the expo - titled "Successful Aging" - and had the opportunity to interact with thousands of visitors, explaining who we are and what we do.

PRIME Expo 2019 is sponsored by Alert Today/Alive Tomorrow, Florida's Pedestrian & Bicycle Focused Initiative, and is expected to draw attendance upwards of 15,000 visitors to the Convention Center. From our perspective, we view our participation as a way to further expand the public's knowledge of our brand. Last year, for example, we were able to introduce hundreds of folks to AMAC, and we were able to provide on-the-spot answers to many questions about Social Security basics.

Click Here to see some snapshots of the 2018 edition of the Expo.

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